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Cleaning industrial high density polyethylene (HDPE) ponds

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Manufacturing facilities generating wastewater solids (hazardous or non-hazardous sludge) use lagoons lined with HDPE liners. The liners contain solids from leaching into the ground water supply. When the lagoons or ponds are full, Press Rentals owns & operates specialized dredging & mechanical dewatering equipment to safely & rapidly remove the solids without compromising the integrity of the liner- saving your facility time & money.

Inexperienced operators or improper equipment will damage the liner with tears, or not be able to pump the solids in a cost-efficient method. Press Rentals' dredges are equipped with brush head & wheel attachments. This equipment allows the pump to reach to the bottom of the lagoon, but prevents the metal from tearing the liner.

Hazardous sludge contained in HDPE ponds might be a threat to operators' health. A remote controlled dredging & dewatering operation allows the technicians to safely remove the sludge from the shore line- without entering the lagoon.

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